every time i’m somewhere with my friends and a taylor swift song comes on they all turn to stare at me as if i’m a mildly interesting zoo specimen like even if i don’t change my expression or do anything to indicate that i heard the song they all stare at me anyway

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u may be michael girl or an ashton girl or a luke girl but everyone and i mean e v e r y o n e is a slut for calum lbr here dont deny it

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if the lyrics “but now i’ll go sit on the floor wearing your clothes / all that i know is i don’t know / how to be something you miss” don’t punch you in the heart and make you feel a deep kind of sad then u are not a real person

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it’s sad that being country is now more of a contest of who has the most camo jackets and the biggest truck, rather than being a good hearted person who is thankful and respectful

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